Saturday, 9 April 2016

How To make Own Email With Gmail

How To make Own Email With Gmail

In This Tutorial I'm writing About How You Can Make own Email With Gmail Example - Like This Hope You Understand Full Steps Is below.


Follow The steps -:

1) Sign in To your gmail account
Now click on settings in top-Right Corner

2) Click on Accounts and Import tab
Where it says "Send mail as:"    click the link that says:
Add Another Email Address Your Own.
In the window that pops up, submit your website name in the Name entry, type your website email address inside Email address, uncheck the box that says Treat as an alias, in the Reply-to address you must submit your Gmail id so that emails sent to your domain id are received at your Gmail id.

3) Click Next step. You will now be asked whether you want to send emails through Gmail server or your website  SMTP server. Choose Gmail because what can be more faster than Google? :)  Select the option Send through Gmail (easier to set up)  and hit Next step
Now click the verify button and then visit your Domain Email account to copy a confirmation code that Google sent.
check our tutorials section for how to create own website email for free with google apps.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Rewardme Offer Get Free Samples

Rewardme Offer Get Free Samples

Rewardme Is A website Where You Will get Free Samples you can order free samples And you will get Free Samples Soon At Home I Also get So This Is trustable site grab it.


How to avail this offer -:

1) Go to Rewardme Website From here

2) Login or create your account

3) Add any three to your basket

4) Click on Gift icon on the top of the website.

5) Proceed and complete your transaction

That’s it. You will get samples within few days.

Note – If you already ordered free samples then you are not eligible for the offer.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Top file recover sites

Top file recover sites



Monday, 14 September 2015

iPhone 4: Forgot Password

iPhone 4: Forgot Password


Follow the steps

1. With the iPhone 4 disconnected from
your computer, power it off. Press and hold
the Power button on the top of the device
for a few seconds, then slide the red slider.
If this method doesn’t work, press and hold
the Power and Home buttons for a few
seconds until it goes off.

2. With the iPhone 4 off, press and hold the
Home button while connecting it to the
computer you registered it from. It should
then power on.

3. Keep holding the Home button until you see
a Connected to iTunes message appear on the

4. Open iTunes and it should provide a
message about an iPhone connected in
Recovery Mode.

5. In iTunes, select the Summary tab and
click Restore and follow the prompts.
When the process is finished, your iPhone 4
should be available again without the need
for a password.
How to put Domain in wapka

How to put Domain in wapka


Follow These Simple Steps-

STEP-1 First of all open in chorme/

STEP-2 Click On Damain Panel > Add Domain

STEP-3 Enter Your Site In The Box Without
Wapka Or. tk And Click On Add Domain

STEP-4 You Will See At The Top Like This-

STEP-5 After That You will See At The Top
LIke This-MY OWN DNS Click On It

STEP-6 Now Open You Will See A New Page
In This Page You Will See Like This-
both IP ADRESS leave Blank...
Now Enter Capctha And Click On Next After
That Enter Your Email And Password..
Now Go To Your Wapka Mobi Site And Click
On Manage.. :br Now Scrll Down And you Will
Find Domain Manage... And ADD your New Tk

Domain And Clk On Okk...
Its All Done: )
How to add share Button on blog

How to add share Button on blog

• Many People Found This Trick In Many
Site.. But They Failed.. Taday I am Posting
New Trick For You... Now You Can Put Like Or
Share Button In Your Blog.

Follow These Simple Steps

1- First Of All Open This link

2- Now Select Button For Your Blog...

3- Now Simply Click On Get Code..

4- Now Copy All HTML Code And Paste It In
Your Blog Where You Want To Show...

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How To make Gmail account Android

How To make Gmail account Android


Hi All. Today I Am Back With A New Method,
With This Method You Can Make An Gmail
Account In Just A Minute, But You Should
Have A Android Device..

Follow These Below Steps -
1- First Of All Take Your Android Device In
Your hand..

2- After That Go To Your Phone Settings
Then Scroll Down And Find Add Account And
Click On It

3- Now Click On Google Then Click On New,
After That Fill Your First And Second Name..

4- Then Enter Your Choosen Account Ex-

5- After That Choose Your Eight Digital

6- Its All Done. Now Skip All
You Have Done.

Note- You Can Create Only Five Account
From One Device..
How To Convert 1 GB Or 2 GB Memory/ SD Into 4GB

How To Convert 1 GB Or 2 GB Memory/ SD Into 4GB

Hi Guys I Am Back With A Amazing Trick For
You , With This You Can Convert Your 1 Or 2
Gb Memory Card Into 4 Gb If You Like This
Trick Then Follow All Steps Carefully

Follow These Simple Steps-

1- First Of All Take A Backup Of Your
Memory Card...

2- Now Download This Toolkit In Your
Pc..By This Link

3- Extract 'increase internal space of
memory Card Toolkit' which you have

4- Now Put Your Memory In Computer..

• But First Take Backup...

5- After Backup Of Your Memory Then Open
Drive Increaser.bat file from extracted

6- After That The Script Will Open In Your
Pc..It Will Ask You For Name Of Your Memory/
Sd Card.. like Anything (G)

7- Now Your Have To Enter Your Drive's
Letter... If You Don't Know Your Drive's
Letter Then Go To My Computer.

8- Here You Will See Your Drive's Letter

• for example because it very important to
be careful while entering your drive name.
Like My drive's name is G:

9- Now Again Enter Your Drive Name...

10- Now Wait Some Time.. It Script Can
Take 2-10 Minutes Or Maybe More...

11- Its All Done Now See Your Memory Card
Internel Space If It Is 4 GB ( Then You Have
Good Luck ) If It Is Not Increshed [Then You
Have Bad Luck ]

If it increased then now, you have
converted your Memory Card/SD card's
internal storage and now you can restore the
backup that you have taken.
How To Hack Any Nokia Password

How To Hack Any Nokia Password


Welcome Back Today I Am Posting A New
Trick , Now You Can Hack Any Nokia Phone
Password Without Any Hacking Knowledge..!!

Follow These Simple Steps-

1- First Of All Check IMEI Number By Dial

2- After Check Open This Site

3- After Open You Will See A Text Box Enter
Here Your IMEI Number....

4- Then "Tick" A Small Box Who You Will See
Below The Box..

5- Now Simply Click On Genrate Button....

6- After Clicking You Will See All Master
Code Of Nokia Phone...

7- Now Unlock Your Phone With These
Master Codes...!!!

Thats All ...
How To Short Any Long Url Without Sign Up

How To Short Any Long Url Without Sign Up


Follow These Below Lines -

1- First Of All Go To Url Shorten Site By
Clicking Here

2- After Going You Will See A Bracket Enter
Here Your Long Url

3- Then Click On Shorten,

4- Its All Done, In The Next Page You Will
Found A Tiny Link..
How To Make Wapsite Using Wapka

How To Make Wapsite Using Wapka


How To Start -

Note- If You Already Tech How To Make
Wapka Phishing Then You Can Refuse It.

1- First Of All Go To
2- After Open Register Your Wapka Account
By Click On Sign Up.
3- Then Fill Your Registration Page With
Your Own Details Like Email, Name And Choose
Any Site Name Like
4- Then Go To Your Email And Confirmed
Wapka Account By Clicking On The Link..!!
5- After That Go Back To And
Log In Your Account..
6- Then Scroll Down And Find Manage, Then
Click On It..
7- After That Click On Admin Mode..
Done, You Have Created Your Wapka Site..

How To Make -

1- First Of All Go To Your Wapka Account
By Log In Then Click On Manage > Admin
2- Now You Will See EDIT SITE In The Left
Corner, click On It..
3- Now You Will See A Menu Type..
Select What Want To Create You..
How To Make Money Blog / Site - Tips

How To Make Money Blog / Site - Tips


Follow These Simple Steps -
* Firstly, Go To -
* Now register With details...
* After registration add your Blog and get
codes of it.

* Now place EarnBuzz ads on your site using
PHP adcode or Javascript adcode.
* For each valid click you earn Upto 0.010$.
You can also earn by promoting UCweb or
You can also refer and earn..
So guys go ahead and start earning.
Make Your balance $1 and request payout.
(Invoices less than $1 Will take time to
proceed so better collect $1 first
You Can Get Payout By Following Methods -
● PayPal
● Recharge
● Airtel Money
● Bank Transfer
Enjoy earning
How To Earn Unlimited Data on Hike

How To Earn Unlimited Data on Hike

Good News , Hike Is Offering Free Mb [ 20Mb Sign Up Bonus + 50 Mb Per refer ] And the best part it's minimum payout Only 100Mb


How To Earn Unlimited
Internet Data From
Hike Refer And Earn
Offer :-

1) Download Hike App From playstore

2) Install and open the app

3) Enter your number

4) Verify your mobile number

5) Enter your details like Name, Age
etc on the next page

6) After successful creation of
account, click on ‘:’ icon on the top
of the app

7) Click on ‘Rewards/Extras’

8) Click on ‘Data Reward’..

11) You will see that you got 20MB
for signup bonus.

10) Click on ‘Invite Friends’

11) Copy your referral link and
share it with your friends.

12) You will get 50MB per refer +
your friend will get 20MB as signup

13) Minimum redemption Amount is
100 MB. So you have to refer two
friends to redeem the internet data
on your mobile.

[ Want To Earn Unlimited Then Refer Your Friends And Earn Unlimited Data ]
How To Transfer Bookmyshow Wallet Balance To Another Account

How To Transfer Bookmyshow Wallet Balance To Another Account


How To Transfer Bookmyshow wallet Balance
To Other Account :-

1) Go to Offer Page
2) Login or signup
3) Now click on 'Gift Cards' On top
4) You will see many types of gift coupons.
Click on any one gift coupon.
5) You Will see like This


6) Enter your name in 'Sender Name'
7) On the bottom, click Enter the name,
email, mobile number of the person you want
to send money
8) Now select the coupon arrival time and
select the amount
9) Select the quantity and click on 'Pay Now'
10) Select Bookmyshow Wallet on paymnet
page and pay using the wallet.
11) That's it. Your wallet balance will be
transfered to other account in the form of
12) You can use that coupon to add money in
bookmyshow wallet.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Create Your Own Proxy Site For Free

Create Your Own Proxy Site For Free


1. First Download Proxy script Pack From
click Here
2. Now extract all the files from the Proxy
script pack and upload them to your premium
web hosting account for easy uploading, use
an ftp client like ( file zilla ), If your using
xampp like me, Then just put all the files in
htdocs folder
3 . Now enter your website name in your
web browser and you should see your web
proxy site
4. For those using xampp first go to xampp
folder, then navigate to php folder , Now
open php.ini and search for curl, Now
Uncomment the following line by removing the
semicolon ";extension=php_ curl.dll "
5. Now restart xampp and enter localhost or in your browser , You should now
see your proxy site running , If your not
getting it then redo all the steps !! Now those
setting up a proxy server at your home PC
are Usually behind a router or modem , In
order to access your proxy server from
anywhere (like from your collages , offices )
you have to port forward your web server,
Port forwarding can be a difficult job for
beginners as an alternative you can use a VPN
.when using a vpn theirs no need of port
forwarding. I use Hamachi a free to use vpn
to accomplish my goal First Download and
install Hamcahi, You will be provided with an
ip address starting with To
use your proxy, Simply enter your hamachi ip
address in your web browser and you,ll see
your proxy site
Google Earth Pro License Key ( Digital Download) Free

Google Earth Pro License Key ( Digital Download) Free

Google Earth Pro is a 3D interactive globe
that can be used to aid planning, analysis and
decision making. Businesses, governments and
professional users from around the world use
Google Earth Pro data visualization, site
planning and information sharing tools.


How to get: -
1. Visit the deal page here
2. Signup and Get it for FREE
3. After filling out the form, you will
receive an email from Google containing your
License Key for Google Earth Pro.