Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How To Play YouTube In Background In IPhone

How To Play YouTube In Background In IPhone

Today I'm Sharing How You Can play YouTube Videos In Background in a quick time, You Don't Need any App For This Just You Need A Safari  Browser Which Already Installed  In IPhone.


Follow The steps -:

1)  Open Safari Browser in your iPhone and open

2) Then play any video and minimize the browser.

3) Now, open your status bar and then you can click on play button to start the audio.

4) Now, you can play music in background with the help of a small trick.

Friday, 17 June 2016

How To mirror Phone screen

How To mirror Phone screen

Here in this tutorial we are going to use MirrorGo by Wondershare which is an awesome software to mirror mobile screen on pc or laptop.


Steps To Follow :

1. Download MirrorGo software in your PC or Laptop

2. Once you download, install it and click on Allow Access in case if firewall block it.

3. After successful installation, you need to connect your phone via USB cable or Wifi.

4. Select any option as per your choice. For USB, you just need to enable USB debugging in your phone and connect it. While for Wifi, you need to scan QR code and install MirrorGo application in phone.

* With the help of this software, you can also take a screenshot, transfer files and record your screen.

Finally, enjoy this awesome way to mirror your mobile screen on laptop or pc.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

How To Save Android Battery Without any app

How To Save Android Battery Without any app

Today I'm Sharing Some Basics, How You Can Save Your Phone 📱 Battery, This Basic will Make Your Battery Last Longer And Also You Will Not Face More heating Issues.


Method 1-:( By Doing Animation Off)

• You can save Some Power By Doing Off The Phone Animation How?

• Go To Setting > About Phone > Click 5-8 Times in "Build Number "

• Now Press Back Key And Click on "Developer Option"

• Now Off all This-:
Window Animation scale
Transition Animation Scale
Animation Duration Scale

Method 2 - (By Shutting Background app)

• Go To Your Phone Setting

• Go To Application option

•  Now Click On Any App And Click "Force Stop" And Choose "Ok"

• Do It With Your All apps
How to Replace Vroot superuser to super su

How to Replace Vroot superuser to super su

If you have a rooted phone, Then you need Super su Root permission To manage root permission how? because Super su Gives Powerful Root permission,  Some App Not Work On Vroot Superuser for example -  gravity Box App,  So You need super su to manage your Root permission.


Steps -:

1) Firstly Install Terminal emulator

2) You Need Rar Extractor Also Use Es file explorer

3)  Open Terminal Emulator And Type -:

4) Now It Will Ask To Give Root Permission Click "allow"

5) Now Type
sh /sdcard/mrw/

Hit enter

6) Cool You Have Successfully Changed Now Reboot Your Phone

Sunday, 27 March 2016

How To Register DND Service

How To Register DND Service


You can register by Dialing 1909 or sending SMS to 1909. 1909 is the national do not disturb/ call number which should work from any mobile numbers. DND registry allows you to selectively/completely blocks call so that you will have control on what kind of marketing calls you receive. Here you go with the instructions…

Dial 1909 and go through the Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) or via customer care executive.

Registrations using SMS for Fully Blocked category – Type ‘START 0’ to 1909

For Partially Blocked category –

“START 1” Banking/ Insurance / Financial products/Credit cards

“START 2” Real Estate

“START 3” Education

“START 4” Health

“START 5” Consumer goods and automobiles

“START 6” Communication /Broadcasting / Entertainment /IT

“START 7” Tourism and Leisure

On successful registration, customer will receive an SMS confirming exercised options and a Unique Registration Number within 24hrs. The registration will be effective within 7 days of placing the request with the service provider.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

(No Verification) Earn Cash, Cash and Cash With Champcash app [1$ On
Sign up + 0.30$-1$ On Refer]{Unlimited Trick}

(No Verification) Earn Cash, Cash and Cash With Champcash app [1$ On Sign up + 0.30$-1$ On Refer]{Unlimited Trick}

I know Many people Searching About How to Earn real cash? Now Today I'm Going To Share A App Name Champcash This App Will Make You A Reach For Sure If you do Hard Work.


How To Earn From Champcash -:

1) Download And Install Champcash App [ Click Here ]

2) Open It And Create A New Account

3) Now enter In "Sponsor Id"

2319167 [ Important To Get 1$ On Sign Up ]

4) Now Start The Challenge And Complete All Offer One by one

5) Open The Apps For 2-3 Minutes After Installing [Important]

6) Awesome! Now 1$ Credited In Your Wallet Now

7) Start Referring Friends For Unlimited Cash

Unlimited Trick For Rooted Phone -:

1) Make All Apps Backup Of The Challenge Before Starting

2) Now Make Backup Of Champcash app From Titanium Backup App

3) Copy Your Sponsor Code

4) Now Change Android id, imei Number , google ads id and All Play store Values From Donkeyguard app

5) Change Your Ip Address By Doing On, off the data or On, off flight ✈ mode

6) Now Clear Cache and data Of champcash And Create a new account on it

7) Now Enter Your Sponsor Id and Complete The Challenge

8) For Save Data Click On The Challenge >> Offer >> Cut The Download On 10% And Install It From Backup Apps

9) After Completing The Challenge wait For 35 Minutes

10) Now Change Android id, imei With Original and Restore The Champcash App+data From Titanium backup app

11) Do again And again For Unlimited Cash

[ You Can Start Recharging When You Reach 2$ Only It's Show 10$ But Don't Worry It will Started On 2$ ]

Monday, 14 September 2015

iPhone 4: Forgot Password

iPhone 4: Forgot Password


Follow the steps

1. With the iPhone 4 disconnected from
your computer, power it off. Press and hold
the Power button on the top of the device
for a few seconds, then slide the red slider.
If this method doesn’t work, press and hold
the Power and Home buttons for a few
seconds until it goes off.

2. With the iPhone 4 off, press and hold the
Home button while connecting it to the
computer you registered it from. It should
then power on.

3. Keep holding the Home button until you see
a Connected to iTunes message appear on the

4. Open iTunes and it should provide a
message about an iPhone connected in
Recovery Mode.

5. In iTunes, select the Summary tab and
click Restore and follow the prompts.
When the process is finished, your iPhone 4
should be available again without the need
for a password.
Samsung Mobile Hacking [ Master Reset Codes ]

Samsung Mobile Hacking [ Master Reset Codes ]


Today I Will Tell You, How To Hack An
Samsung Device Password, It Is Simple

Follow These Below Steps -

● These Codes Restore Your Samsung
Device Please Make Sure Before Using This
Trick -
#*7728# on legacy models

*2767*3855# on the recent models (Monte,

Note- This Is Only Education Purpose...!!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

How To Hack Any Nokia Password

How To Hack Any Nokia Password


Welcome Back Today I Am Posting A New
Trick , Now You Can Hack Any Nokia Phone
Password Without Any Hacking Knowledge..!!

Follow These Simple Steps-

1- First Of All Check IMEI Number By Dial

2- After Check Open This Site

3- After Open You Will See A Text Box Enter
Here Your IMEI Number....

4- Then "Tick" A Small Box Who You Will See
Below The Box..

5- Now Simply Click On Genrate Button....

6- After Clicking You Will See All Master
Code Of Nokia Phone...

7- Now Unlock Your Phone With These
Master Codes...!!!

Thats All ...

Friday, 11 September 2015




Friends today i have purchased new iphone 6
Apple gives you no direct way to reboot
your iPhone or iPad from iOS, and the only
way you can do that is by pressing and holding
the home and power button together until you
see the Apple logo.
If either of these buttons are broken,
here’s an easy way to reboot your device. .
Bold Text There’s an
Accessibility Setting on iOS to
bold text system wide, to make it
easier to read.
Changing this setting requires your device
to restart, so this is one way to reboot
without using the power or home buttons.


1. Open Settings and navigate to General >
Accessibility .
2. Scroll to the Bold Text setting, and
toggle it. .
3. You’ll see an alert warning you
“Applying this setting will restart your
iPhone”. Tap on Continue. ..
Your iPhone will reboot, and you’ll see the
Apple logo, and after a few seconds, your
lock screen will appear..
Reset Network Settings
Another way to restart your iPhone without
using the power or home button is to reset
your network settings. Note that by doing
this, your iPhone or iPad will forget your Wi-
Fi passwords, Bluetooth preferences etc.

Here’s how you do it:
1. Open Settings and navigate to General >
Reset Select Reset Network Settings, enter
your passcode if asked, and confirm it once
again to restart your device.
Home and power buttons not working was a
fairly common occurrence with iPhone 4 and
iPhone 5, but we’re hearing about it less and
less with newer devices..
Secret IPhone Codes

Secret IPhone Codes


Secret Hacking Codes for iphone
1. *#43# Use to verify if call waiting is
enabled .
2. *#61# Verify the number for
unanswered calls .
3. *3282# Get your data usage information.
4. *729 # Options to make payments. Its
operator specific.
5. *#62# Verify the number for call
forwarding if no service is available.
6. *#67# Verify the number for call
forwarding if phone is busy.
7. *#33# To verify whether barring is
enabled or disabled for outgoing .
8. *#21# To display the settings for your
call forwarding .
9. *3001#12345# Enters Field mode which
allows you to access most of the hidden
settings and functions of your iPhone.
10. *#30# This shows whether you have
enabled or disabled the presentation of the
calling line, presumably the number of the
party placing the call.
11. *#76# State whether the connected line
presentation is enabled or disabled. Similar to
the calling line presentation.
12. *#06# Display the IMEI of your iPhone,
as always this is the standard code for all
brands of phones.
How To Switch On Your Friend Bluetooth

How To Switch On Your Friend Bluetooth


Switch on ur friend phone bluetooth and
dial *#9990# and ur friend bluetooth will be
locked forever.,

TO UNLOCK OR CANCEL Dial #9990# and
Then restart the phone and switch off the

if you do This trick no matter how your
friend switch off his bluetooth it can never
switch off until you cancel it with unlock

Enjoy and drop your comments.
Spy Mobile 7 Days free trail

Spy Mobile 7 Days free trail


now Ishare this mobile spy site free for 7
Days panel/

Now Register Your Free 7 days Trial
Download the application and install it on
your sister/girlfriend/ smart phone any
doubted person

Now Victim's every activity call/ sms /
browsing history logs,whats app messages,
added in your spymobile account!

Thursday, 10 September 2015

What's Rooting???

What's Rooting???


First, for the newbies, let me clarify
what rooting is. Getting root or rooting
your phone is the process of modifying
the operating system that shipped with
your device to grant you complete
control over it.
This means you can overcome limitations
that the carriers and manufacturers put
on your phone, extend system
functionality, and even upgrade it to a
custom flavor of Android.
The name root comes from the Linux
operating system world, where the most
privileged user on the system (otherwise
known as Administrator on Windows) is
called root
Installing a ROM may require rooting
first, but just rooting can be usually
done in only a few minutes, keeping
your stock OS otherwise completely
Different Mobile have Different rooting
process ..
Usually rooting is fairly simple - in most
cases you can find several videos and
articles on the web that explain how to
do it on your specific phone model - just
Google ''YOURPHONEMODEL root''.
Rooting is not something manufacturers
or carriers approve of but they can''t
really prevent it from happening
because the rooting process usually
exploits a vulnerability in the operating
system code or device drivers and allows
the ''hacker'' to upload a special
program called su to the phone. This
program is the one that provides root
access to programs that request it.
TuT Mod Uc Browser Java Using Java Phone

TuT Mod Uc Browser Java Using Java Phone

1.) First of all Download your
uc browser in .zip format or rename it to .zip

Open BlueFTP & locate your

3.) Open the file using BlueFTP.

4.) Press Menu > Select

5.) Again Press Menu > Extract Selected Items.

6. Now Press Menu & Click on ''Create New Folder'' &
give it any name.

7.) Open that folder and press
Menu > Extract Items Here. Now your uc has been
extracted. Renaming & Adding Fq,Bq,Mq,
Host,HTTP,Real Host etc

1.) Open any text editor
(like jText Lite Editor, Opmod 4.2).

2.) Go to the
folder where you have extracted the

There you will see a folder nameMETA-INF. Open
that folder and open the file nameMANIFEST.MF.

After opening MANIFEST.MF you will find a lot of

5.) Now to change Name you will find like this

MIDlet-Name: Uc Browser change it to MIDlet-
Name: Uc By ur name to add fq, host & your name
etc in Handler menu add theses files in
MANIFEST.MF: DHandlerM0: ur name here
DHandlerM1: fq here DHandlerM2: bq here
DHandlerM3: mq here to add http, host, real host
For HTTP DHandlerM7: 1 DHandlerM8: host For Host
DHandlerM7: 2 DHandlerM8: host For Real Host
DHandlerM7: 3 DHandlerM8: host For Reverse Proxy
DHandlerM7: 4 DHandlerM8: host Changing Hui Top
Text & Others[/big

1.) Open Class Translator. 2.)
Open HandlerUI.class.

3.) Change The text ''HUI
2.x.x'' to your desire text.

4.) Save The File.
[big]Changing Splash

1.) Create a new image name
''30.png'' using ProPaint Mobile. 2.) Now replace
this 30.png with the older 30.png (u extracted from

Repacking The Modded Uc

1.) Open BlueFTP.

2.) Go to the folder where your extracted file is

3.) Press Menu > Select Alwl.

4.) Again
Press Menu > Compress Items (.jar).

5.) Set name &
Press Ok. Now Your Work Is Done.

If you have still
any problem you can Comment below
How to Recover a Cell Phone AfterDropped / Fell in Water [ Useful
Tricks ]

How to Recover a Cell Phone AfterDropped / Fell in Water [ Useful Tricks ]



1. Disassemble the phone as much
as you can. Take off any external
covers or cases. Remove the
battery, memory card and SIM card.

2. Wipe the phone with paper towels,
paying specific attention to
crevices such as areas between keys
and holes inside the battery

3. Fill a bowl half full of dried rice,
then lay your phone and battery on
top. Cover the phone completely
with rice and let it sit for at least 12
hours. The rice will absorb the
moisture from the air, causing the
water inside the phone to
evaporate quickly.

4. Remove the phone from the rice,
then lay it face down on a dry paper
towel. Let the phone sit for an
hour, then check the towel for
signs of dampness. Look for water
stains or wet spots. If you don't
find any, turn the phone over and
let it sit for another hour, then
check again.

5. Return the phone to the bowl of
rice if you find any signs of
wetness. Let it sit for 12 more
hours, then check again.

6. Reassemble the phone once it is
completely dry, and try to turn it
on. If it won't turn on, try a
different battery.
NoW you Are DoNe


So simple,just create your folder
and move your musics
that you want to add.

0pen your blueftp and locate the folder.

click on option and click select all.

click option and move down to compress as

when it loads successfully exit your blueftp and
start playing.

dats all............