Sunday, 8 January 2017

How To use handwriting as Font on android

Hey guys, Today I'm Gonna show you how you can Get your own handwriting Font on android it's so simple only You Need rooted phone for this. 

How to use your handwriting as font -:

Step 1. Go to MyScriptFont website.

Step 2. Download the template in PDF or PNG format and print it.

Step 3. Use a Black Pen or Marker to fill out the printed PDF or PNG. After filling it up, scan it at anything betSween 300-600 dpi. (If you don’t want to perform any printing & scanning stuff, you can also use MS Paint or any other similar program to fill out the PDF or PNG file.)


Step 4. Upload the scanned template on MyScriptFont.

Step 5. Give any desired name to your font style and click on Start.

Step 6. Now wait for a few seconds until the site generates your .tff file.

Step 7. Transfer the downloaded .tff file in your device’s Internal storage or SD card.

Step 8. Download the IFont App and open it. (Only works on rooted devices, do not follow this method if you device is non-rooted)

Step 9. Click on “My Font”. Click on ‘Click this‘ text.

Step 10. Navigate to your downloaded .tff file and select it. Click on ‘Set‘ and it will set your font.
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